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Connect to more customers with increased inbox placement

Our reputable customers worldwide experience true inbox success by sending on one of the world's cleanest email networks

While social media has added new ways to communicate, email is still most organizations' primary way to communicate with their customers through transactional confirmations, special offers, newsletters, or other messages.

Buzinessware's customers send over a billion emails a month with our Bulk Email service, improving inbox success and better leveraging email in their business operations

When email analytics aren't enough to help you improve deliverability, Buzinessware's Deliverability Team ensures that you have the support needed to reach your users' inbox

  • Open & Click Tracking
  • IP Pool Flexibility
  • Advanced Tagging & Segmenting
  • API Integration
  • Postback Service
  • Deliverability Support
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Inbox Success

Landing email in your recipient's inbox can be challenging. Improve inbox placement by eliminating your sending infrastructure's reputation as a factor in this challenge. Buzinessware's delivery platform provides a solid foundation to ensure the highest inbox success rate for your email.

Advanced Reporting

Gain visibility into email effectiveness with Email Delivery's detailed reports. Understand how your user engages with your email by tracking opens, clicks, complaints, and list unsubscribes. Along with the standard reports, custom reports can be created using the data provided by our API or postback service.

Deliverability Expertise

“Email deliverability” is both an art and a science. Buzinessware backs our Inbox Email Delivery System with unparalleled email deliverability expertise. Our Advanced Deliverability Support team focuses on the latest in email technology and ISP trends to ensure that Buzinessware Email Delivery System is “the most reputable sending platform in the world.”

Additional Features

Open & Click Tracking: Rich tracking analytics such as Buzinessware Email Delivery's open and click metrics, enable you to create better custom-targeted email campaigns.

IP Pool Flexibility: Email Delivery supports both dedicated and shared IP pools. Our deliverability experts will set up the solution that will protect your reputation and ensure a timely message delivery to your recipient's inbox.

Advanced Tagging and Segmenting: Tagging and segmenting your email metrics by campaign or mail stream has never been easier. Reports are generated based on x-header tags, sub-accounts, or sending addresses. This provides the detailed access to fully evaluate the success of your mailing.

API Integration: Integrating Buzinessware Email Delivery for sending, reporting and configuration ties your email into your business tools and systems ensuring timely sends and reports.

Postback Service: In addition to our utilizing our API to pull reports, you can use our postback service to have bounce, complaint, and list-unsubscribe data pushed to our API service as soon as our system receives it. This enables you to work with your data at your convenience.

Bulk Email

Common Questions

Who use Bulk email Solutions?

Enterprise companies to major retailers to airlines to buzzworthy startups to everything in between.

Who doesn’t use Bulk Email Solutions?

Spammers, affiliate marketers, payday loan senders, and other less-than-reputable email senders.

Is buzinessware a front-end provider like MailChimp or Constant Contact?

We are considered a “back end” that either a custom front end interface or partner can plug into. We deliver email but don’t offer the capability for users to develop HTML campaigns and/or manage lists.

What type of stats do you offer?

We do offer stats like opens, clicks, engagement stats, bounces, complaints, etc. with the ability to view reporting via our portal, API calls, or postback URLs. If there’s something specific to your business that you’d like to know about, please do contact us via call, livechat, emails and we would love to help you

What if I need help?

Our support team is available 24/7/365 to assist you via Telephone, LiveChat, or Email