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Middle East Cloud Specialists

/ Your one-stop shop for all Cloud Services

Our deep Cloud portfolio, Microsoft partnership & regional focus makes us your preferred Middle East Cloud specialists

At buzinessware you will find our organization focused on the Middle East and our business model is dedicated to deliver On-Demand Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Our passion is in serving and advising clients from around the world with the highest level of expertise. Our client relationships are built on partnership, continuity and mutual trust, where we help to solve their problems. We are large enough to matter and small enough to care

We manage our company for the long term, serving clients with our rich UAE heritage and independence since 2002. Buzinessware recognizes that one of the main reasons it can look back upon a successful history with such pride, and ahead with confidence, comes from the satisfaction of clients, families and employees alike, who have put their trust in buzinessware

We perpetually strive to integrate the industry's most advanced technologies and deliver a portfolio of secure & scalable end-to-end infrastructure solutions ranging from Web, Cloud and dedicated Hosting exclusively from our Middle East Data Centers or with global partners Amazon (AWS) and Microsoft

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Focus Middle East Local Cloud specialist

Dubai has emerged as the regional business hub with state-of-the art IT infrastructure in the Middle East

The ideal base for multinational and regional companies. Buzinessware, located in Dubai services all customers with a global standard of data security and delivers data with the extra performance and visibility your regional customers will appreciate

We perpetually invest in best of class infrastructure to ensure reliability, security, scale and performance to service our customers. We have a clear understanding of your business needs. Our local Customer Service is awesome and ready for you 24/7 every day of the year

Customer benefits of working with one local provider

Power of ONE
ONE local currency bill
ONE source of support
ONE point of control

IT services from one single source enjoys significant efficiencies: one single login, one password, one bill, one source of support and one point of control. Buzinessware manages integration, security and mobility so your CIO stays focused on the business. We give you one single Control Panel to administrate all services and all devices. Worry free reliability, security, support, on-boarding and migration built in


Customer First Culture

24/7 local support

Our customers are the purpose of our work and the main part of our business. Customer Service at buzinessware will always remain at the forefront of our business, no matter what level of success we achieve. Our service team is always ready to help

We know by experience what our customers want the most, even before they tell us. That is why we provide easy-accessible, useful information so our customers can purchase without the assistance. But what wins our customers most is an awesome Customer Service given with a true a positive emotion 24/7 and every day of the year


Unified Control Panel

Centralised IT Control

Our Customers demand 100% control. That is why we at buzinessware designed our Control Panel intuitive enough for non-technical users, but with features powerful enough to set up a complete cloud business

The Control Panel is the simplest way to manage your cloud business in one place. Set up products, billing methods, turn servers on and off, reinstall servers and boot into rescue mode, set up data traffic notifications and review your bandwidth usage, visualize the health of all resources, initiate a ticket or chat with our technical support 24/7. And it works for both Linux and Windows based servers

24/7 Local support for you
100% Control & easy management
Multiple Payment Methods
Set your own pricing
Self service for your customers

NextGen Technology Platform

born in the cloud

It is important to have choice when deploying applications and placing them close to users and customers, ensuring the lowest possible latency and best user experience. Our Middle East location, regional accessibility, power density and redundancy are designed to guarantee security, resiliency and efficiency

Managing and operating your applications and data requires a variety of technology services that demand a modern and robust infrastructure platform. Our Data centers are filled with first class computing, storage and networking equipment. And our experts are there 24/7 for those rare occasions to troubleshoot

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