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ESD’s replace the older version of boxed software licenses – ideal for Home & Small Businesses. There are no compulsory minimum purchases & your software is delivered immediately

Electronic Software Distribution


Electronic Software Distribution

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Electronic Software Distribution


Electronic Software Distribution

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The ESD provides a way for you to download your software from the Internet instead of receiving it via physical media. With this delivery choice, you will receive your software faster; shipping time and expense are both decreased.

Our new electronic delivery service gets you your license key via email within one hour of purchase.* No more waiting up to a week for the physical disk to appear in the mail box.

The amount of time it takes to download the software depends on a number of element, including the products you have licensed and the usable bandwidth of your network. The full order of all products is between 5 and 14 Gigabytes, which could take almost 1 to 3 hours on a T3 line.

With the Electronic Software Delivery, you would receive the product much faster (typically within one hour*). Also, it’s cheaper! By emailing you the key codes, you exclude the cost of shipping.

The product is completely the same. For electronic delivery, we commonly open the product and email you the key. Since current most software boxes do not contain discs to download the software, there is no variation (except that with electronic delivery you are receiving your product faster). Just like retail versions, electronic delivery versions are transferable and include basic tech support from the manufacturer.

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